Microsoft Edge browser and OpenTok

TokBox closely tracks the evolution of  the Microsoft Edge browser and all leading browsers for their support of real-time communication. We look forward to Edge evolving to a point where it can interoperate with other WebRTC supported browsers and be ready for production grade real-time communication applications. TokBox continues to evaluate Edge as an end point for OpenTok applications. At present, there is not sufficient functionality and codec support in the stable version of Edge to make it a viable supported browser but it is getting closer with each update from Microsoft.


A targeted early use case for OpenTok with Edge will be to support peer-to-peer sessions over H264. Additional support for VP8 and routed sessions should follow. We will continue to keep the OpenTok developer community informed of our progress as the real-time communication abilities in Edge improve and developers are able to leverage them with OpenTok to deliver embedded multi-party video communications at parity with other leading browsers.

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