Apple Safari Browser and OpenTok

Support for Safari browser remains one of our more widely requested features. Unfortunately, at this time, Apple still has not laid out clear plans to integrate WebRTC support into Safari. There is tempered optimism that this may take place in 2017. In light of this, TokBox is evaluating options for Safari. Whether this is through a plugin, getting native browser support from Apple, or some third path is not known, but we are actively investigating. Our goal is to move towards a decision and have our strategy in place for the second half of 2017.


In the meantime, we have seen partners invest in Electron and similar projects. If this is not a viable option for your project, we encourage you to get in touch with us at and let us know the specifics of your use case so we can work with you.

We’ll continue to keep our developer community informed as progress and decisions are made with Safari, whether internally here at TokBox or by Apple.

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