What are the firewall requirements to use TokBox?

Client firewall requirements

TokBox services require access to specific ports. At a minimum the following requirements must be met:

  • Open TCP port 443
  • Whitelist the following domains:
    • *.tokbox.com
    • *.opentok.com
  • Whitelist the following HTTPS verification servers for our HTTPS certificate:
    • oscp.godaddy.com
    • crl.godaddy.com

Along with the minimum requirements, opening UDP Port 3478 will give you a better experience. UDP is highly recommended over TCP for better quality audio and video. The protocol favors timeliness over reliability which is consistent with the human perceptive preferences; where we can fill in gaps but are sensitive to time-based delays.

This port only accepts inbound traffic after an outbound request is sent. The connection is bidirectional but is always initiated from the corporate network/client so it is not possible for an external entity to send malicious traffic in the opposite direction. For the best possible experience, we recommend opening UDP ports 1025 - 65535.


Application firewall requirements

Application servers using the TokBox server SDKs or REST API only need access to outbound web traffic over TCP port 443 with *.opentok.com whitelisted.

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