Safari 11 FAQ

What’s the difference between beta and GA for Safari 11?

The 2.12.x OpenTok JavaScript SDK supports the GA version of Safari 11

How is Safari 11 supported on the OpenTok platform?

Safari 11 for iOS 11 and macOS 10.13 is supported on the OpenTok platform. Also, Safari 11 is supported for those who are running macOS 10.12 and 10.11.

This is the first implementation of WebRTC by Apple, and Safari is not 100% compatible with existing implementations from other WebRTC vendors. In particular, Apple has decided to focus exclusively on the H.264 video codec and as such does not support the VP8 video codec. This means that devices and endpoints that do not have H.264 video codec support will not be able to use video communication with Safari 11 automatically.

To mitigate this interoperability challenge, we are adding Safari projects to the Account Portal to allow you to create Safari-centric projects that use the H.264 codec.

For more details, please visit our developer center documentation

What happens if you use Safari on existing project keys?

If a Safari endpoint were to join one of your sessions from a regular project (VP8 only codec), the Safari 11 participant will still be able to join with audio only. The following warning message will be displayed on screen:

See image

For complete video support, you will need to create a Safari project key.

Which OpenTok endpoints interoperate with Safari 11?

  • Browsers: Chrome, FireFox
  • Mobile SDKs: iOS 2.12, Android 2.13-beta1 on reference Android devices.

Which Android reference devices are supported with Safari 11?

  • Samsung Galaxy S6, S7 & S8
  • Huawei Honor 8
  • Google Pixel

Note: in our testing we have observed that these Android devices perform best with 5 or less participants in a routed session. Beyond that the quality of the H.264 decoders starts to break down.

Which OpenTok endpoints do NOT interoperate with Safari 11?

  • Browsers: Internet Explorer
  • Mobile SDKs: iOS 2.11 or earlier, Android 2.12 or earlier, Android 2.13-beta1 on non-reference Android devices
  • Desktop SDKs: OpenTok Windows SDK 2.12 or earlier

We plan to increase the pool of endpoints and devices that interoperate with Safari over the coming months.

What about Interoperability between Safari 11 and Internet Explorer?

The OpenTok Internet Explorer plugin currently only supports the VP8 codec. This means that participants using Safari 11 and Internet Explorer can only communicate using audio. If a participant using Internet Explorer connected to a session that was created using a Safari project key, the participant will not be able to see the video from other participants and will have an audio-only experience. The warning message “Video format not supported” will be disabled on the screen of Internet Explorer.

Does archiving work with Safari 11?

Yes, composed Archiving will work with Safari 11.

Support for Individual stream archives will follow in a later release during Q4 2017.

Does screensharing work with Safari 11?

Safari does not support the screen capture of the Safari participant’s screen, however Safari does support the rendering of a remote participant’s screen capture (e.g. from Chrome or Firefox).

Does Broadcast work with Safari 11?

No, we recommend that you use the VP8 codec for Broadcast applications. The Simulcast feature does not work with H.264 and we recommend Simulcast is used for Broadcast applications.

What are the benefits of H.264 codec?

We are gradually introducing H.264 as an alternative codec to VP8 across the platform. However, until H.264 is available on all end-points we only recommend this video codec be used for certain use cases.

The main benefits are that it reduces CPU usage and increases battery life

Are there any endpoints besides Safari that use H.264 as their video codec?

  • Browsers: Chrome & Firefox
  • Mobile devices: all iOS devices, higher-end Android devices
  • Note: the number of HW H.264 encoder and decoder instances available will vary across devices and may impact the ability of a device to handle a multi-party session with many incoming H.264 streams

Is there a demo application that can be used to show that video/audio is working on Safari 11?

Yes, use

What about Chrome and Firefox on iOS, will they work?

No, these implementations use the Safari webview provided by Apple. This webview implementation does not have full support for WebRTC.

Does Safari support routed and relayed sessions?

  • Yes, you can use either server configuration to support sessions in Safari. 

What devices does iOS 11 run on?

See image

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