How many streams are supported in a session?

While TokBox server infrastructure can manage a virtually unlimited number of concurrent sessions and participants, the number of participants in each session is limited by client-side bandwidth, device, and CPU limitations for processing vast amounts of video and audio streams.

For multi-party video sessions in the browser, we support up to 25 users both publishing and subscribing in the session.

For broadcast sessions, you need to consider both the total number of publishers and the total number of subscribers. For each publisher, count the number of subscribers it has, and sum up this count over all publishers. This value should then be no more than 300. As a general guideline, you can think of the following constraint as holding true for broadcast sessions:

(number of publishers) X (number of subscribers) <= 300

In the mobile native Android and iOS applications, we recommend no more than 2 users who both publish and subscribe at the same time.

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