Using Vonage Video API in Internet Explorer


Using the Vonage Video API plugin for Internet Explorer.

Applies To

  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Video API


The Vonage Video API Plugin for Internet Explorer enables video sessions in Internet Explorer. The plugin supports Internet Explorer 11.

Testing Your App

In Internet Explorer, when a page calls  OT.initSession() , OT.initPublisher() , or OT.upgradeSystemRequirements , it prompts you to install the Vonage Video API plugin (if you have not already).

Once you have installed the plugin and reloaded the page, OpenTok functionality is available on the page (and on other pages that use OpenTok).

If there are issues running your app in Internet Explorer 11, you can block access to OpenTok until you have fixed them:

// Detect whether this browser is IE
var isNotIE = function isIE () {
  var userAgent = window.navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase(),
      appName = window.navigator.appName;
  return !( appName === 'Microsoft Internet Explorer' ||                     		
           (appName === 'Netscape' && userAgent.indexOf('trident') > -1) );     // IE >= 11
// If the browser is not IE, and it meets the minimum system requirements for the OpenTok platform,
// then create your app
if (isNotIE() && OT.checkSystemRequirements()) {
  var session = OT.initSession('your apiKey', 'your sessionId');
  // ... continue with your OpenTok application

See the list of known issues in OpenTok.js.

Additional Information

For more information, see the OpenTok.js release notes.

Leave feedback about the plugin and connect with other developers on the OpenTok Plugin forum.

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