Best Practices When Adjusting Mobile Resolution and Frames Per Second


What are some best practices to keep in mind when adjusting mobile resolution and frames per second (fps) on the mobile SDK?

Applies To

  • Mobile SDK
  • Resolution
  • Frames Per Second


Starting with the 2.7.0 mobile SDK release, you can start a publisher with pre-determined video resolution and frames per seconds (fps). Before using the API, you should be aware of the following:

  1. Though HD video sounds like a good idea at first, from a practical standpoint you may run into issues with device CPU load on low to medium-range devices. You may also be limited by the user’s available bandwidth. Lastly, data charges for your users could run high.
  2. Available on the device. The actual empirical values for these parameters will vary based on the specific device. Your selection can be seen as a maximum for the resolution and frame rate you are willing to publish.
  3. Automatically adjusted based on various parameters like a user’s packet loss, CPU utilization, and network bandwidth or bit-rate. Rather than attempting to do this dynamically on your own, we recommend picking meaningful values and allowing Vonage Video API to handle the fine-tuning.
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