Is there any way to test my network configuration?


Testing your network configuration for use with the Vonage Video API.

Applies To

  • Network Configuration
  • Video API


You can test if a network meets the connectivity requirements using the following tools:

Using the Pre-Call Test Tool

We use the Pre-call test tool to:

  • Test connectivity to all Vonage Video API servers
  • Collect bitrate and packet loss statistics
  • Test the hardware and software setup on the endpoint (camera, microphone, browser)

Open the Pre-call test tool. Click on the Run Test button. This is a critical test, and it must pass for Vonage Video API features to properly function. If this test passes, go to the Vonage Video API chat room test outlined below. Otherwise, you need to configure your ports properly.

Vonage Video API Chat Room Test

Vonage Video API has a public facing chat room site that can be used for chatting. In this step, use this site as a test tool. Perform the following test sequentially:

  1. Create a room called “example” in the chat room and join that room. You should see your own video. If the video is not present make sure you have given access to the camera and microphone.
  2. Open another browser tab and enter the same URL link as in your opened browser window (1) above. You should see a two way audio-video enabled chat.

If you were able to have a proper two-way chat, your ports are configured properly to work with TokBox.

Connectivity Doctor Apps for Smartphones

The Connectivity Doctor app in the Apple App Store as well as the Google Play Store offer a slimmer version of the Pre-call test for mobile devices.

Submit a support request if the above tests fail, including as much pertinent information regarding the issue as possible. The following questions will help in that regard.

  1. What is your network topology? Are you using any virtual environment, type/name of proxy, firewall restrictions, etc? If yes, then what type of proxy? Authenticated proxy? Basic, Digest, NTLM, Kerberos?How does the browser data flow through the topology to reach our cloud?
  2. What is the browser version you are using? The operating system name and version? Are you using the mobile or JavaScript SDKs? What version? If Internet Explorer, then what plugin version (if not complicated to find out)?
  3. Describe in as much detail as you can, the problem you encountered and the steps you took.
  4. Provide us with any error logs from your side or any other information you deem fit for the problem at hand, for example: network traces, screenshots, etc.
  5. Share the results of the Pre-call test tool. Did you open the ports and are still having issues?
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