Chrome 50 Screensharing on Windows 10: Black Video

We've seen in some situations that attempting to screenshare an application window on Windows 10 and Chrome 50 results in a black video frame, both in the UI picker window and in the live stream that outputs into the session.

Who is affected by this?

If you are using:

  • Chrome 50
  • Windows 10
  • Using screensharing

You may be running into this bug.

How does this affect me?

Trying to publish application windows will typically result in the content of each window being blacked out in the live session, so your users won't actually be able to see the content you are trying to share.

How can I handle this?

This is a known issue in Chrome 50 - this is fixed in Chrome 51 and later. Chrome 51 is expected to release to the stable channel later this month. If it is not possible to wait for 51 to be promoted to stable, toggling the maximized nature of the window in question may fix the issue.

If you still have questions about this issue, please email

You can also follow news on this from the Chrome team here: Chromium Bug Tracker 

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