Chrome bug: Microphone audio getting dropped

We are reaching out to inform you of a known bug that is affecting many of our Chrome users. You can find the bug here.


Currently, the Chrome browser is especially susceptible to a bug that causes audio bitrate during a session to fall to zero. The publisher is able to attain microphone access, but the browser does not receive callbacks with audio data.

For our customers, this manifests as a Session where participants will receive no audio from Chrome clients, with no logs or errors being generated.

This is a bug specific to Chrome. Google is aware of the issue, and their team is actively working towards a solution. A response from Justin Uberti, Principal Software Engineer at Google, can be seen in comment 67 of the thread.

“This is a top priority issue for us. … it is in the top 3 issues we are focusing on for desktop.”


While this is being addressed by Google, the recommended workaround is to restart your browser. In our upcoming v2.10 release, we are planning to expose functionality that can be used to detect when this error occurs. 

We will continue to update our announcements page with any progress.

Thank you for your patience.

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