Inspector update


Our project to update the underlying data sources for calculating and displaying a session quality indicator in Inspector has been postponed. We are committed to delivering actionable insights to our customers but the cost for the first iteration of this widget become prohibitive when measured against perceived value. We are rethinking how best to deliver useful, actionable insights around quality in a scalable way. 


Last week TokBox released a new version of our Inspector tool. The primary driver of the new release was to adapt to changes in the underlying data sources that provide the information displayed in Inspector. There were a couple of functional changes as well.

  • The Session Quality indicator has been temporarily removed. The changes to the underlying data sources require a new method of calculating session quality. This new method will be more accurate. The new data source and calculation are not quite ready for production use but we will have this feature back in Inspector soon.
  • Inspector now shows some statistics for HLS Broadcast Unlike data from real-time interactive sessions, the HLS Broadcast data is not available immediately. The data is usually available approximately an hour after the session ends.



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