Account Management API

We are excited to announce the launch of Account Management API. The new Account Management API provides a programmatic way to manage accounts and projects that can be integrated into existing workflows and management/provisioning systems. Please refer the API documentation for additional details. 

Our Account Portal is the convenient go-to site for customers to manage their TokBox accounts and sub-projects. While this works well for most customers, there are cases where a more programmatic approach is required. For example, some of our partners develop live video applications for multiple customers and teams. This typically means they need to manage their engagements through multiple project keys. As their customer base grows, this becomes increasingly difficult to manage manually through the Account Portal. The Account Management API enables developers to:

  • Create a new project within an account
  • Update the status of a project
  • Delete an existing project
  • Get information about a specific project or all projects within an account
  • Refresh the secret of an existing project
  • Manage project-specific configuration - Create/Modify/Delete archiving upload target
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