Chrome 64 iFrame Requests Camera and Microphone Access


When using the Vonage Video API within embedded iFrames on Chrome 64, Chrome requests camera and microphone access.

Applies To

  • Chrome 64
  • Embedded iFrames
  • Permissions


If you are using webRTC applications embedded within iFrames that were created prior to the release of Chrome 64, you need to modify these applications to allow access to the camera and microphone by adding this code to your iFrame tag:

allow="microphone; camera"

An embed iFrame will now look like this:

         allow="microphone; camera"></iframe>


With Chrome 64, there was a change introduced to force iFrames to explicitly request camera and microphone access. New embeds generated using the Account Portal after the Chrome 64 release are compliant with the change, however embeds in use prior to the release need to be modified.

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