How can I create a Pre-call test in my app?

Allowing your users to test their client and connection health is a great way to prevent problems during a live video session. Many times when users have a bad video experience, it's because their connectivity is poor but they are unaware of it. For example, they can be using a sub-optimal network and if they simply choose a better network, they'll have a productive positive experience. 

You can use the TokBox Pre-call code to add a Pre-call test in your JavaScript client. The Pre-call test is comprehensive and tests the following:

  • Connectivity to all TokBox servers
    • OpenTok API server
    • OpenTok Messaging WebSocket server
    • OpenTok Media server
    • Logging server
  • Bitrate and packet loss statistics
  • Hardware & software setup on the client (camera, microphone, browser).

When the test concludes, it provides a report that includes a downloadable text log that can be shared with a Support team.

Live Demos

  • Pre-call Test Tool: For customers with an Account Portal account, you can use the tool here.  additionally, the pre-call test tool is also now available without signing in to the customer account portal account.
  • Alternatively, you can use the OpenTokDemo app that includes the Pre-call Test experience  here.  To test Safari and H.264 clients, use this site

Code Repositories

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