Chrome's Audio AutoPlay Policy included with Chrome v71

In this browser's version, Chrome's Audio Auto-play policy is enabled. Due to this policy, Opentok applications require a change.

As per the policy, it is good practice to wait for user interaction in a WebRTC application before starting audio playback as user would be aware of something happening. You can read more about it here:

If users subscribe to a stream without publishing then with the new Chrome 71 auto-play policy the subscriber will not play audio video stream (will be blocked) until the user interacts with the page.

To take care of this change, we made some changes to our JS SDK Subscriber API that would show a play button over the subscriber view when this happens. The audio and video will play when the user clicks on the play icon. This fix is added in JS SDK v2.15.4. You may need to update the JS SDK version to this version when using Opentok applications on Chrome v71 or higher.

We have added more details about this in our Release notes:

Follow our Release page to get updates on new SDK version releases:


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