How can I use archiving as part of a HIPAA compliant application?

TokBox offers the ability for recorded sessions to be temporarily stored on TokBox supplied cloud storage for up to 72 hours, however this is not mandatory. For those healthcare organizations that wish to use archiving and have HIPAA considerations, you must disable TokBox cloud storage fallback.

The fallback feature is an optional backup and therefore can be turned off at any time. The result is that as soon as the recording is finished, TokBox will attempt to upload the archive to a customer designated AWS or Azure account. Immediately after attempting the upload, the file is deleted from the server where it was recorded.

Please note that to aid in security considerations, when disabling TokBox cloud storage fallback, the archive file will be deleted from the server irrespective of whether the upload succeeds. We therefore require customers to regularly check that the credentials shared with TokBox for upload permissions are current.

If you are interested in turning off the fallback feature, please look for this option in your Account Portal. 

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