Does Vonage Video API store PHI?


Does the Vonage Video API platform store Protected Health Information (PHI)?

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Vonage Video API is not designed to be a repository of any health information accessed by or transmitted through your application. However, Vonage Video recognizes that the content of a conversation or text chat transmitted through our platform may contain PHI. In order to ensure that Vonage Video does not store any PHI associated with these activities, we do the following:

  • Audio, video and text chat are never stored on Vonage Video API servers. Our platform is designed to simply route messages between end points and never log the content contained within those messages.
  • Any personal information that your end user enters into your application (such as login credentials, registration information etc.) is never shared with Vonage Video API.
  • Session recordings (archives): If you elect to record sessions, Vonage Video API can deliver the recording to your designated storage immediately following completion of its composition and ensure that it is not stored on our servers. Customers who wish to use the recording functionality must follow the steps outlined in the archiving FAQ.
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