What are the limitations of the archiving functionality?

The OpenTok platform allows you to record any routed (non P2P) session. P2P sessions don't go through the OpenTok Media Router thus it's not possible to record them.

What is the maximum number of publishers that can be recorded?

The recommended number of publishers to include in an archive is 5-6, but you can record up to sixteen (16) video streams in a single composed archive.  You can record up to 50 audio streams in a single composed archive.  For individual stream recordings you can record 50 audio and video streams. 

See Individual stream and composed archives for more information.

What happens if a 17th video publisher joins during the archiving?

If a 17th video publisher joins the session being archived as a composed archive this stream will not be included in the archive.

What is the maximum length of an archive?

The maximum recorded length of an archive is 4 hours (14,400 seconds). This recorded length refers to the cumulative time in which streams are published (and being recorded).  See the following for more information:


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