iOS IPv6 Support: Frequently Asked Questions

Update 22 June 2016:

There appear to be some connectivity problems with iOS 2.8.2+ using WWAN (cellular) connections in certain cases. Users afflicted by this issue are seeing failures to publish and subscribe, with error codes 1600 and 1610 (WebRTC internal errors). We are investigating the issue and will post updates as soon as possible.


What's going on with iOS & IPv6?

On 4 May 2016, Apple announced that, as of 1 June 2016, the iOS App Store no longer will accept applications submitted that do not function properly in IPv6-only environments.


How does this affect me?

If you are developing a new iOS application, IPv6-only testing needs to be on your test plan. Alongside the OpenTok iOS SDK, your app will need an SDK update to enable support for this new constraint, which we expect to be made available in an imminent release.


Does the OpenTok iOS SDK work in an IPv6-only environment?

The current release, OpenTok iOS SDK v2.8.1, does not work in IPv6-only networks.


What is the plan for supporting IPv6-only networks with OpenTok?

Since the announcement on 4 May 2016, the TokBox engineering team has been working tirelessly on providing IPv6 support in a coming release. Ensuring that our product does not interfere with the business operations of our customers is a top priority.


Will TokBox provide IPv6 support for older releases?

No. Any upcoming builds to provide supports for IPv6-only networks will be based on current code branches. All apps that use OpenTok will need to upgrade to the latest version as part of this new requirement.


Update 19 May: Upon review of the original announcement, we believe that both new apps and existing app updates are affected by this new deadline. We are currently testing a patch release to be made available as soon as possible, to allow as much time as possible for you to test your own apps prior to the deadline.


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