TokBox Inspector tool is back online


UPDATE: We are now processing data from all source that drive the Inspector tool. Archiving and HLS Broadcast related events generated after Monday 11/21 are now reportable. Data from other sources needed to analyze session connectivity and quality is available for sessions from the past 14 days.

UPDATE: The Inspector tool is back online. We are still not fully processing log data from all sources which means Archiving and HLS Broadcast related events are not available for analysis. Most data needed to analyze session connectivity and quality is available. Data is currently available for sessions from the past 14 days.

UPDATE: We are targeting to have the Inspector tool back online by noon today. There may still be a few hours of latency for accessing data from recent sessions. 


We have been experiencing issues with our data logging systems that have impacted data availability for the Inspector tool. We are actively working on the problem. We hope to have Inspector back online later today with access to some data. It may be several more days before access to all data from recent sessions is available. We apologize for the service interruption. If you need assistance analyzing or debugging an issue with your OpenTok application please contact us at

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