What can callback events be used for?


What are the uses of callback events?

Applies To

  • Vonage Video API 
  • Session monitoring
  • Use Cases


The callbacks can be used to drive business logic on the customer’s application server. In particular, it can be used to track the end-users that enter and exit a session. The event timestamps are present in the body of the message. There are 3 primary use cases:

  1. Session moderating: checking who is in a session, removing users, knowing if someone didn’t join.
  2. Tracking end-user usage: we have seen some customers use this for end-user billing - generating billing based on how long a user was in sessions or implementing pay-as-you-go services. 
  3. Analytics

Additional Information

we do not recommend using the callback events for tracking end-users usage since we cannot guarantee the delivery of the events.

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