How do Credit Based Trials work?

For all new users, we offer a free trial with $10 in credits to use any of the OpenTok features that you like.

Your credits work just like real money, and are used up as you generate usage with OpenTok, following our standard pricing model. For example, your $10 could be used toward 2,000 subscribed minutes, or several other combinations of OpenTok feature usage.  Click here for more details about how our pricing works.

Free trial customers who are using OpenTok’s Archiving feature, which allows you to record and save OpenTok sessions, will also receive 1,000 free archiving minutes as a bonus.

What happens when I run out of credits?

As you use your credits, we’ll keep you updated on your current account balance via email, and you can always visit your Account Overview page to see your current balance. Once your credit balance reaches $0, your trial will end and you’ll need to add a payment method to your account to continue using OpenTok. At this point you’ll be converted to our standard $9.99/month pricing model. Keep in mind that you can add your payment method at any point during your trial to avoid any lapse in service when your credits run out.

We will notify you via email when your expiration date is approaching.  Once your trial is almost expired, you can update your payment information in your account to continue using OpenTok features.

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