Safari 11 FAQ


How is Safari 11 supported on the OpenTok platform?

Safari 11 for iOS 11 and macOS 10.13 is supported on the OpenTok platform. Also, Safari 11 is supported for those who are running macOS 10.12 and 10.11.

This is the first implementation of WebRTC by Apple, and Safari is not 100% compatible with existing implementations from other WebRTC vendors. In particular, Apple has decided to focus exclusively on the H.264 video codec and as such does not support the VP8 video codec. This means that devices and endpoints that do not have H.264 video codec support will not be able to use video communication with Safari 11 automatically.

To mitigate this interoperability challenge, we are adding a preferred video codec setting to projects in the Account Dashboard. This can be set to H.264 if Safari support is required.

For more details, please visit our developer center documentation


Which OpenTok endpoints do NOT interoperate with Safari 11?

  • Mobile SDKs: iOS 2.11 or earlier, Android 2.12 or earlier, Android 2.13 on non-reference Android devices that are using Lollipop (Android OS v5) or earlier
  • Desktop SDKs: OpenTok Windows SDK 2.12 or earlier

We plan to increase the pool of endpoints and devices that interoperate with Safari over the coming months.

Does recoring (archiving) work with Safari 11?

Yes, composed recording works with Safari 11.

Support for Individual stream archives will follow in a later release during Q4 2017.

Does screensharing work with Safari 11?

Safari does not support the screen capture of the Safari participant’s screen, however, Safari does support the rendering of a remote participant’s screen capture (e.g. from Chrome or Firefox).

Does Broadcast work with Safari 11?

No, we recommend that you use the VP8 codec for Broadcast applications. The Simulcast feature does not work with H.264 and we recommend Simulcast is used for Broadcast applications. 

 What about Chrome and Firefox on iOS, will they work?

No, these implementations use the Safari WebView provided by Apple. This WebView implementation does not have full support for WebRTC.

Does Safari support routed and relayed sessions?

Yes, you can use either server configuration to support sessions in Safari. 

Can you join a session by following a link via Gmail and opening it via Safari?

No, you will not be able to join a session if you open up the link in Gmail and use Safari to open the link. When the Gmail app tries to open the link, it will attempt to use a WebView instead of launching Safari directly. However, the iOS WebView does not have full support for WebRTC. As a result, you will receive an incompatible browser error message.

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