Does AES-256 work on all Vonage Video API clients?


Does Advanced Media Stream Encryption (AES-256) work with all Vonage Video API clients?

Applies To

  • AES-256
  • Encryption
  • Vonage Video API


AES-256 is supported (in addition to AES-128) in each of the Vonage Video client SDKs (version 2.18 and later). The Vonage Video client SDKs for Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux each support AES-256 encryption. However, for web apps that use OpenTok.js, AES-256 is not supported in all browsers. The latest versions of following browsers support AES-256:

  • Chrome 62+
  • Firefox 56+
  • Chromium-based Edge
  • Opera

Additional Information

For more information on Vonage Video APIs and AES-256, see our developer documentation on Advanced Media Stream Encryption.

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