How to get HD resolution recordings and live streaming in Tokbox sessions

TokBox supports HD composed recording and HD live streaming for broadcast. These features provide a high quality experience that is 3X as sharp as SD video. This FAQ explains key features related to HD recording and streaming.


HD composed recording:

HD recording is available for composed archive recording format. By default, composed archive recording uses a 640x480-pixel (SD) resolution. To get 1280x720 (HD) resolution, set the resolution property to "1280x720" when calling the start archive recording method of the OpenTok REST API.


  1. The feature is not available on automatically archived sessions.
  2. Individual recording feature creates separate media files for each participant, retaining the resolution of the original published stream. So, if the original published stream is HD it will be recorded as such.
  3. You can also set the resolution property when starting an archive recording in latest release of OpenTok Node Server SDK, OpenTok PHP Server SDK


HD live streaming broadcast:

The feature launches HD quality HLS and RTMP streaming support.  To broadcast videos in HD, set the resolution property to "1280x720" when calling start broadcast method of the OpenTok REST API.


  1. WebRTC-based real-time sessions (One-to-one, Multi-party or Broadcast) support HD (720p) as long as the endpoint has enough resources (bandwidth & CPU) to support HD streaming.


Custom layouts:

If you use custom layouts for archive recording/broadcast, keep in mind the HD aspect ratio when defining CSS stylesheets as HD videos will have a 16:9 aspect ratio compared to SD videos that use 4:3. The aspect ratio is taken care in case of predefined layout types.

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