Is there a charge for manual recording archiving?


If I manually initiate archiving, is there any cost to this?

Applies To

  • Manual Archiving
  • Billing


Creating archives requires the use of our composing services. To make high quality archives in a format you can use immediately (MP4), we start allocating composer resources when you initiate archiving. Until you've completed your recording, the composer services are dedicated to creating your archive. Thus, if you pause recording, the composer service is locked and cannot be used. In short, we incur the cost of the composing. Therefore, there are charges to reflect this cost.

This cost is only relevant for users who manually initiate archiving but who don't have media flowing immediately after. Here is an example of how you use the REST API to initiate archiving:<api_key>/archive (with the sessionId in the POST data)

You can view your Insights Dashboard for archiving usage to verify that that your usage of the service aligns with your expectation.

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