RTMPS Required When Using Vonage Video API Broadcast via Facebook Live


What protocol do I need to use with the Vonage Video Broadcast over Facebook Live?

Applies To

  • Facebook Live
  • Video API
  • Broadcast


Facebook requires developers to use RTMPS, that is, RTMP over a TLS/SSL connection. For additional details see here. Support for RTMP was deprecated in 2019.

The Vonage Video API platform. supports RTMPS. In the request body of the Broadcast REST API call, the serverUrl should be updated to use RTMPS instead of RTMP when broadcasting to Facebook Live, for example, "serverUrl":"rtmps://myfooserver/myfooapp". RTMP can still be used with other providers, for example, YouTube Live or Periscope.

If you are broadcasting sessions to Facebook Live then you need to check “Use a secure connection (SSL)” when obtaining the Facebook Live RTMP broadcast URL. This will provide an RTMPS URL. Then update your code that calls the Vonage Video Broadcast REST API to use this RTMPS URL.

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