Vonage Video API Incident Handling


How does Vonage API Support handle incidents with the Video API?

Applies To

  • Video API
  • Incident Handling


We understand how critical the Vonage Video API platform is for our customers. We strive to ensure the highest possible stability and reliability. Despite the best efforts of the team, and our suppliers, incidents can still occasionally occur. In these cases our approach is to ensure:

  • We’re quick - Resolving the incident as quickly as possible.
  • We are transparent - Keeping customers informed about any incident that impacts them as quickly as possible on status.tokbox.com.
  • We’re thoughtful - Analysing every incident carefully after resolution in a post-mortem investigation, to understand:
    • What caused the incident?
    • How can we prevent similar incidents recurring?
    • How might we improve our handling of future incidents?

This analysis is used to drive future product development and process improvements.

For high impact incidents, our post-mortems analyses are summarised and published. Once the incident has been resolved, our timeline for communications will be the following:

  • 10 business days after resolution: Having conducted a thorough internal investigation, we’ll have identified all the root causes in detail, and built more robust plans for improvements. We will then provide a full post-mortem analysis, including a summary of the actions taken or planned.
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