Data retention policy

How far back can you query in inspector for sessions and meetings?

  • Currently, sessions up to 20 days old can be queried in the session inspector.
  • Meetings up to 7 days old in those sessions can be queried in session inspector.
  • Each session can contain multiple meetings and so not all meetings within that session can be queried.
  • Consider the following example:
    Session A (one month old) Session B (2 weeks old)
    Meeting A1 Meeting B1 (10 days old)
    Meeting A2 Meeting B2 (6 days old)
      Meeting B3 (3 days old)
  • Given the above, session A (and its associated meetings A1 and A2) cannot be queried for in session inspector.
  • In session B, meeting B1 cannot be queried for but B2 and B3 can because they both are less than 7 days old.
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