Vonage Video Android SDK v 2.17.x Failed to Close an Android Wearable’s Camera


Vonage Video Android SDK versions 2.17.x sometimes fail to close an Android wearable's (like the Moverio BT-300) camera after a publish session had been closed.

On Android wearable (Moverio BT-300, Android 5.1), Android SDK versions 2.17.x failed to close camera after a publish session was closed.

Android Camera does not get closed, even after session was closed.

After closing session, Android Camera:

  • Does not close, turn off, end, stop, finish capture.
  • Is not available or released for other applications.
  • Is still on, open, capturing, in use, running ).

Applies To

  • Android Wearables
  • Android SDK v 2.17.x


It can be resolved by calling the following to specifically release the camera:


This issue should be resolved in 2.18.0.


This issue was likely due to the SDK (versions 2.17.+) relying on the garbage collector for deallocating resources, including the publisher, hence sometimes not releasing the camera soon enough.

Additional Information

This issue was not observed for Android phones tested (including Xiaomi Redmi 5 and Xiaomi Redmi Note 8) on OpenTok Android SDK versions 2.15.x.

Version 2.17.x refers to versions from 2.17.0 and higher, but below 2.18.0.

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