What happens if a custom archiving layout is applied to an invalid stream?


  • What happens if an ( invalid / misspelt ) stream id was used in the REST API call?
  • Why does some stream(s) not appear in final recording?
  • Why did some stream(s) not assume the expected layout based on the layout class assigned via REST API call?


In a composed archiving session with custom layout, the specific layout class for the streams involved can be set in one or more of the following ways:

  • Before the streams even start via session tokens.
  • Dynamically while the streams are being streamed via REST API calls.
    • The API call will require the stream id of the stream being targeted.

Sometimes when using the REST API call, an invalid stream id (for e.g. a stream id from another session) might be used.


If an invalid stream id was used in the REST API call to apply layout class on a stream:

  • The layout class will not be applied.
  • If the stream has no layout class, it will not appear in the composed recording.
  • For the API call, there should be a HTTP response status of 404 (Not Found).
    • For other response statuses, please refer to the REST API reference linked above.
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