What to do if a session is disconnected?

Auto-reconnection is a feature that is inherent in our SDKs. Once a call is disconnected due to certain reasons (wifi switch to mobile data, network failure, etc.), the platform will try to reconnect the user within 30 secs and will try multiple times until it is not able to do so.
One caveat to this feature is that the platform reconnection feature will work most of the time, but it may not work at times. The performance relies mostly on the underlying network conditions and can vary from network to network. Different network settings, configurations, and applications influence the varying results of this feature. 
Sometimes, reconnects may fail, and if this happens, as a best practice, the Client Application is recommended to handle the auto-reconnection in order to bridge the gap with these network scenarios and ensure to auto-reconnect its calls. The Client Application is recommended to listen to the SessionDisconnectEvent and perform a manual reconnection upon receiving this event.
The below documentation links describe the different events handled during reconnections and this would help to better manage reconnections in the Client applications.







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