What are the key features of the Vonage Video API Playground tool?


What can I do with the Vonage Video API Playground tool?

Applies To

  • Video API
  • Playground Tool


As documented in the developer guide, Playground is a tool for Video API customers to explore video platform capabilities without having to write any code.

The tool is based on OpenTok.js SDK. You can choose up to the second to last version.

You can access Playground tool here. You will be redirected to the Video API dashboard page if you are not already logged in as a dashboard user.

Key Features of the Vonage Video API Playground Tool

  • Create a new session or join an existing session
    • You can choose SDK version, media mode, archive mode, and token role
  • Publish and subscribe to a stream
    • Various publisher options like audio source, video source, resolution, frame rate, etc are available
  • Signaling
    • Send signals to everyone or specific user
  • Archiving
    • Start or stop Archive
    • Choose Archive type, layout, and resolution
  • Broadcast
    • Start or stop Broadcast
    • Choose output option, layout, and resolution
  • SIP
    • Set SIP URI and Dial SIP call
    • Choose username, password, header, etc
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