AEC Support in Vonage Video API SDK

Vonage Video JS Client SDK supports disabling echo cancellation, automatic gain control, and noise suppression. For other Client SDKs - Android, iOS, and Windows, developers need to rely on the platform facilities.

AEC (Acoustic Echo Cancellation) attempts to reduce or eliminate echo, a use case when the microphone picks up the audio from a speaker on a conversation. Noise suppression filters audio to eliminate background noises. Automatic Gain Control manages the input volume trying to limit extreme volume swings. While Echo cancellation is critical for good audio quality in most scenarios, especially when loudspeakers, speakerphones, or similar are used, it can work in theory without noise suppression as well, but it is more effective when both are enabled.

The SDKs manage these settings automatically providing the best experience in general use cases. The developers may find it useful to set specific settings in some scenarios.

When using the JS SDK, the developer can customize audio processing options in the publisher as described in or in specific individual source tracks as described in

For native SDKs, Android and iOS, developers can use Custom Audio Drivers (iOS | Android) to leverage the same.

Advanced-Audio-Driver is an Android sample application showcasing customization of audio processing options in

For iOS, users can refer Custom Audio Driver sample application:

To troubleshoot echo issues, please follow this guide:

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