How to estimate my Video API Monthly charges in Participant Pricing Model (PPM)?


This article helps to estimate the Video API monthly charges when using the Participant Pricing Model. 

Applies To

  • Vonage Video API Customers currently using or considering to move to Participant Pricing Model 


Participant minute pricing model bills according to the number of participants in the session, which is useful for larger multiparty sessions. Technically, a participant is a connection through the API, which typically corresponds to a single person or device. But a person can connect multiple times from the same or different devices, in which case they will be multiple participants. More information about this pricing model is explained in How does Participant Pricing Model work?

How to calculate usage?



For the above use case, User 1 connects to the session and starts publishing at 00.05 min followed by Users 2 and Users 3 connecting to the session.  Since there are 3 participants connected in a session the number of participant minutes = At each minute the number of participants connected in the session

00.05 - 00.10 - User 1 (5 min)

00.10 - 00.15 - User 1, User 2, User 3 (3 x 5min = 15 min)

00.15 - 00.25 - User 2, User 3 (2 x 10 min = 20 min)

00.25 - 00.30 - User 2 (5 min)

Total Participant Minutes = (5+15+20+5) = 45 participant minutes.  



How are the participant minutes calculated for Publishers publishing more than one stream? 

Irrespective of how many streams the publisher publishes, it is still considered as one connection. The PPM would be calculated for the duration the user is connected with the session.


Are there any charges when only 1 User is connected to the session and has not yet started to publish?

No, the participant minutes will start to be calculated when there is at least 1 participant in the call who is publishing or until the second participant is connected. For eg. User 1 is connected to the session but starts to Publish after 5 min, the participant minutes would be calculated only after the User publishes or after User 2 is connected. 


Which is the default Pricing model?

We are encouraging our customers to move to the Participant Pricing model. This is the default pricing model for our new customers. Existing customers have an option to use either of the pricing models. 

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