How to Configure a FIPS Compliant Amazon S3 Storage Container for Archiving


Configure an Amazon S3 FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standard - 140-2) compliant storage provider for securely storing Session Archive files.

Applies To

  • Archiving Storage
  • Amazon S3 Simple Storage
  • FIPS compliance


Note: Before you start, you will need to obtain your "bucket-name", S3 URL, Public Key and Secret Key from your Amazon Services page.

  1. Log in to the Account Portal and select the project you would like to configure.
  2. Scroll down to the Archiving section of the Project Settings page.
  3. Click Setup your Cloud Storage Now.
  4. Select Amazon S3 (or other S3 compliant storage).
  5. Enter your Public Key, Secret Key and Bucket Name.
  6. Select Other S3 compliant storage provider.
  7. Enter your Endpoint URL as bucket name + S3 URL, e.g.,
  8. Click Connect to Cloud Storage.
  9. Select whether you want to enable storage fallback. (Vonage will store your files for 72 hours should your upload fail.)
  10. Click Setup and your storage will then be linked.

Important Note: Even though you are using Amazon S3 storage you must ensure that you select Other S3 Storage provider. This is because this option enables you to edit your Endpoint URL to include your bucket name. As per the Amazon Documentation: These Endpoints can only be used with Virtual Hosted-Style addressing. For example:

Additional Information

For more information on Amazon FIPS compliant services, see Amazon's FIPS Compliance page.

You can find the documentation for S3 Simple Storage here.

Some Amazon S3 Storage locations may not be supported by Vonage. For more information see OpenTok Archives Won’t Upload to S3.

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