How to use SIP Interconnect in Playground


Explore and test SIP Interconnect using Playground. Dial a SIP call to connect in the Video API session. 

Applies To

  • Video API
  • SIP Interconnect


  1. Go to Playground. 
  2. Create a new session. You can use the default values or modify them if needed. Click on Create
  3. You will now see your session information. Click on Connect to join the session. 
  4. Click on Publish Stream to publish your audio and video. 
  5. Go to SIP. Add your SIP URI. The SIP URI is a required field. Confirm that you have the correct format of the SIP URI sip:<sipNumber>@<sipDomain>. For example, where 12222221111 is the Vonage Number or Long Virtual Number (LVN). 
  6. The fields Username, Password, Header, and From fields are optional. If required by your SIP platform, add your Username and Password. When using a Vonage Number or LVN, you have to use your API Key as the username and API Secret as the password. If you need a Vonage Number for a quick test, you can sign up for a Vonage (Nexmo) account on this sign-up linkNEW_KB.png
  7. Then, click on Dial SIP Call.
  8. Once the SIP endpoint has been answered and connected to the session, you will see the SIP endpoint as a subscriber with audio-only. Screen_Shot_2021-10-18_at_7.47.08_PM.png

Additional Information

Learn more about the SIP Interconnect feature in this link. 

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