How to Pause and Reactivate Your Vonage Video API Account


Pausing and reactivating your Vonage Video API account.

Applies To

  • Vonage Video API
  • Account Status
  • Pause Account
  • Reactivate Account


Pausing Your Account

  1. Log in to your Vonage Video Account as an administrator.
  2. Under the left menu, click Account Settings.
  3. Scroll down to Account Status and select the Pause tab.
  4. Click Pause My Account.
  5. A message will appear, prompting you to confirm that you want to Pause your account. If you wish to continue, enter your administrator account password and click Pause.
  6. Click Pause, and the account will be paused.
  7. A confirmation alert for the paused account will be shown.

Reactivating Paused Account

There are two ways to reactivate your paused account.

  1. Click Reactivate my account in the box shown at the top of your dashboard.
  2. Check the Account Settings in the left side panel. When scrolled down, you will see the Account Status box. It will show Reactivate or Delete Account options.
  3. Clicking Reactivate my account reactivates your account.

Additional Information

Note that putting the account on pause will stop your subscription and deactivate the account's API and secret keys. You will not be able to make changes to your account while paused, but all your past data and billing information can be viewed. Once you pause this account, you will receive a prorated invoice for any outstanding usage fees.

The paused account can be reactivated at any time, and all the previous API Keys will be reactivated again. Reactivating your account will automatically set your account's pricing model to the Participant Minute Model.

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