How to Send DTMF in a SIP Call using Playground


Using SIP Interconnect in Playground, send a DTMF (Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency) digit to a SIP endpoint.

Applies To

  • Video API
  • SIP Interconnect


  1. Dial a SIP Endpoint. For details, see How to use SIP Interconnect in Playground.
  2. Once the SIP Endpoint is connected, select Dial Pad.
  3. Click on the DTMF digits to send. The DTMF will be sent only to this SIP endpoint. If you have multiple SIP endpoints dialed in this Playground session, the other SIP endpoints will not receive the DTMF.

Additional Information

Sending DTMF is an important capability when dialing out to a SIP endpoint such as an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) which requires a DTMF entry to select from the menu. The DTMF is sent using the REST API. For more information check out Sending DTMF digits to SIP clients. Learn more about the SIP Interconnect feature in our developer documentation.

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