Subscriber and Publisher Errors Related to Deprecated Support for Plan B


Users neither can subscribe nor publish to a session. Inspector tool shows errors 1013 and 1500.

Applies To

  • Video API
  • Unified Plan
  • Chromium browsers


Update your JS SDK version to the latest version or, if you are not using the latest one, update to one that implements an update (v2.18.5, v2.19.4, v2.20.1). The update in those SDK versions enforces the use of the Unified Plan on Chromium browsers and prevents them from logging a warning that Plan B is being removed; and for legacy browsers, OpenTok.js continues to use Plan B.


Chromium browser was not reinforced to use Unified Plan.

Additional Information

See Vonage Video API Support for Plan B and Unified Plan article for more information.

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